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Introducing our Playdough Sparkle Jars, your child's new favorite portable sensory play mini-kit! Featuring beautifully soft, freshly handmade playdough, our kits consist of half playdough and half toys matching the theme. Each one is individually created and unique. Purchase one or collect them all...your child will be entertained for hours!


Perfect for on-the-go entertainment, or a fabulous alternative to unhealthy, gone-in-a-minute party lolly bags. 

 *** BUY 10 - GET 1 FREE! ***  (use code at checkout: B10G1)


  • birthday party take-home favours instead of unhealthy lolly bags
  • unique birthday party invitations
  • long car rides/plane flights (school holiday trips coming up!)
  • entertainment at cafes or restaurants
  • alternative to screen time 
  • end-of-year classroom gifts from teachers to students or to classmates from your child 
  • fabulous stocking stuffer

Playdough SparkleJar Santa's Coming

GST Included
Available in 3 weeks from pre-order date
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