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All products, kits, resources and sensory items could potentially be CHOKING HAZARDS.

Our Kits are intended for children aged 3 years and older, with adult supervision at all times. Our kits contain small parts that could pose a choking hazard, especially for young children who want to 'taste' their world. It is important to supervise your child closely at all times. Refrain from allowing your child to put any pieces in their mouth. This disclaimer is read in conjunction with our 'Terms and Conditions'.


We prioritize non-toxic materials. We use food colouring and vinegar to die our rice and acrylic paint (mostly non-toxic) and water-based poster paint for our pasta and hand painted items. Other bases are non-toxic but not suitable for tasting. Commercially collated resources are from other suppliers and we are unable to vouch for the materials and ingredients used in their manufacturing or production process. Therefore, not all of your kit items may be non-toxic. 

It is not recommended to allow children to chew on or mouth our products. 


Our kits and bases are created in a home kitchen setting, which means there might be traces of allergens present in any kit or base. Please take this into account if your child suffers with allergies of any type. 


To maintain freshness, we suggest storing the bases in airtight containers or bags. The bases will arrive in sealed kraft bags.

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